Awkward Wedding Dancing

We’reeee bacck! For this round of awkwardness I thought, what about dancing? And let me tell you, it was almost too easy to find these photos.

The Hudsons Modern Photography
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Look Ma, No Hands!

When guests like these two guys take the dance floor, you know you're in for a show...
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Dirty Dancing Moves

Apparently, these two were trying to reenact the scene from Dirty Dancing where P-Swayze lifts Baby. In reality, they failed miserably and nearly took out grandma to the right!
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Sticky Fingers

In this shot, the bride's grandfather has just inserted a $50 into her cleavage. Ah, such a thoughtful wedding gift.
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Shirtless Suitor

Ever been to a wedding where it was a tradition for the groom's family members to take off their shirts? No? Well, this is about what it would look like. I should note: This is the groom's uncle, not the groom...
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The Take-Down

This bride's brother got a bit overly excited. Those grass stains must have be a pain to get out!

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