The Most Messed-Up Proposal Ever

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How would you feel if your fiance proposed after he faked his own death…in front of you? Whaatt? Yeah, we had the same thought.

Alexey Bykov wanted his girlfriend to realize what her life would be like without him — more precisely, “how life would have no meaning without me.” First thought: cocky. Second: crazy.

According to The Daily What: “The 30-year-old hired a movie director, stuntmen, make-up artists, and a script writer to stage a car crash in which he ‘died.'” When his bride to-be saw the crash she, as expected, lost it. But just as she broke down into tears (not the good ones that should be shed during a proposal!), Bykov sprung to his feet and proposed on the spot.

We’re all for innovative proposals, but this one went a bit too far for our taste buds. Would you have said yes or expected a redo? Personally, I need romance, not fake blood.

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  • Anja Winikka
    09/04/12 at 09:15

    This is INSANITY!!!

  • 09/04/12 at 09:30

    Sounds like a self-absorbed a-hole to me. Anyone that needs to see their SO have a melt down to feel appreciated on what SHOULD be one of the happiest days of their lives needs around-the-clock therapy.

  • Lili Salzberg
    09/04/12 at 09:42

    This sounds traumatizing. Definitely not a proposal I would love.

  • Simone Hill
    09/04/12 at 10:10

    I couldn’t forgive someone who did this to me, let alone marry them!

  • Ann
    09/05/12 at 01:25

    I think it probably brought life to reality for her.

    09/05/12 at 01:54

    Sounds like a way to guilt or emotional force a yes out of someone – she wasn’t really given an option; how could she say no gracefully to this guy after believing he JUST died????
    I guess he must have been worried enough that she would say no to go these crazy extremes…. seems kinda like emotional blackmail.

    I would run far away from this guy.

  • Rachael
    09/05/12 at 05:07

    Oh my! Sounds like something my husband would’ve done. Thank goodness he doesn’t read these kinda things to get ideas from! That would definently be terrible.

  • Jay
    09/06/12 at 09:35

    Omg! That’s horrible.

  • K
    09/10/12 at 05:59

    My So got made cause i told him not right now when he proposed standing up in a crappy parking lot while i was carrying carseats and in my spit up covered pjs and dirty hair and got even more upset when i asked for a redo because his mom was taking pictures while i looked like that O.O could have at least warned me to get dressed

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