Let’s Predict Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger’s Wedding!

Chances are, when Avril Lavigne and Nickelback member Chad Kroeger get married, it’ll look a little less than conventional.

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Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger

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Rockers Wear Black -- Not White

Why would any rocker wear white on their wedding day? She tried that at her first wedding. Spoiler alert -- it didn't work out. We see her in a black gown.
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Rockin' The Converse

We think that Avril will ditch the heels and rock some classic Chuck Taylors -- back to her Sk8r roots.
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Head Banging Hair

A messy updo is exactly what Avril should do with her hair. It'll go nicely with her black crayon eye liner situation.
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Skull and Crossbone Bridesmaid Dresses -- YES!

We don't think her Abbey Dawn clothing line is selling as fast as she would like and what better way to get rid of inventory: Give those dresses to the bridesmaids to wear!
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Scary Gothic Church Ceremony

Because the bride and groom are from Canada, we think they should get married in a gothic Canadian church! With God's blessing, maybe this marriage could actually last a few years. (Too dark?)
Sk8r Boi
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He Was a Sk8r Boi

Thanks to Wikipedia we learned that Chad was "the first to land a backflip on a skateboard." So that in mind, Chad shouldn't walk -- he should roll down the ceremony aisle on a skateboard.
Black and White Wedding Cake
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This Cake is Bigger Than Their Careers!

A black-and-white cake like Kim Kardashian's would be fitting. Little tidbit of info for you: Avril was a guest at Kim's wedding. You know -- back in the day when she was dating that other guy, Kim's step-brother, Brody Jenner.
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The Perfect Favor For This Canadian Power Couple

Chad & Avril are a Canadian power couple. And what is Canada famous for? Maple syrup! We think they should give out bottles of maple syrup as favors tied off with a Canadian flag ribbon -- you can thank us later for this idea Avril.
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All Tatted Up

Where there are "rock stars," there are tattoos. There should definitely be personalized temporary tattoos for guests to slap on at this wedding.
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Nickelback (Enough Said)

The front man's own wedding is one stage that Nickelback will be permitted to perform without a petition to stop them. This will be their biggest crowd in years -- let them sing!

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