Don’t Want to Mess Up Your Engagement Ring? Wrap It With A Rubber


To say that I get a lot of email pitches from wedding companies would be a massive understatement (from hotel openings on exotic islands to strange wedding favors I can’t imagine anyone would ever want).

But today a rather innocuous email subject line — “Ring Protector” — gave me pause, and I clicked on it. (Full disclosure: A quick search and I realized the company is an advertiser with us.)

Anyway! When I saw what the pitch was for (little silicone bands that come in all sorts of colors and sell for $4.95 a piece), I laughed. Who in the world would wear that?

But then I remembered the way I felt when I first got engaged.

I spent a good amount of time staring at my engagement ring, and frankly, feeling paranoid that something would happen to it. What if it fell down the drain when I washed my hands? What if somehow it flew off my hand while walking along the subway platform? And when we would go upstate with friends, I would wonder whether I should really be wearing my ring while roasting marshmallows over the fire. And when I would go out for a run, was it okay to wear my ring?

Well, I’ve slowly come to realize that worrying about it doesn’t do any good. I decided that my engagement ring is a signifier that I’m taken; my engagement ring communicates to others that I’m apart of the crazy-awesome-I’m-planning-a-wedding club; and (best of all), it’s a sweet and constant reminder that I am getting married to the most fantastic person I have ever known.

So bring it on little silicone bands — I’m not taking my ring off — but I’d totally wrap it up.


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  • Simone Hill
    08/21/12 at 03:00

    You can buy one in every color to match all of your cycling outfits! I can’t help but think that this rubber device reminds me of something else people wear to protect themselves…

  • Samantha Roberts
    08/21/12 at 05:57

    This is hilarious.

  • Stephanie Fraiman
    08/21/12 at 09:19

    I felt the same way at first – I would even take it off to wash my hands! Now, I’m so used to it…though, I think this would definitely be good for lifting weights like in the picture, that’s one time where i feel like it might get damaged haha.

  • bestweddingideas
    08/31/12 at 08:52

    Dude, that’s hillarious to say the least! At second thoughts, though, it makes sense. After all, wedding rings are priced top dollar, so…

  • 01/31/13 at 12:24

    I am so late to this conversations!
    I work at a jewelry store, and I see this all the time; clients coming in with rings losing diamonds, and when you inspect it, you see the ring is no longer in its original round shape. My concern with wearing your ring while working out is that it will not protect it against getting “out of round”. I DO like the idea of wearing one instead of your ring, or perhaps on top of your but I don’t think it is a good idea on top of your ring for workouts. When you grip something repeatedly or firmly, you risk bending the metal shank of the ring. This spells trouble if you have diamonds encrusted in the ring, because those diamonds are set into the original round shape of the ring. Make sense?

  • swats330
    05/09/13 at 02:04

    I know I’m super late to this conversation, but I found this article because I was actively _trying_ to find something like this! I wear my e-ring to sleep (all the time actually, since I have the amazing ability to lose just about anything that’s not directly attached to me). I’ve woken up a few times with scratches on my face, so I’d love to have something I can put over top of my ring while I sleep!

    I wonder if they’re just marketing wrong – I certainly wouldn’t wear that plastic wrapper thing during the daytime….

  • 10/05/13 at 06:01

    When planning for an engagement, you need to see to it that everything is fine. Finding an engagement ring is so easy, in fact even big malls are selling them these days unlike before that you can only find them in the jewelry shop.

  • Andrew
    01/15/15 at 07:15

    I am required to tape my wedding ring at work for safety. I hate taking it off and I hate the glue residue from the tape. Is this compliant with similiar safety regulations?

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