Married In A Monsoon! How One Couple Embraced Rain On Their Wedding Day

couple weds in the midst of a monsoon Photo:

From the photo it looks like the bride got a great deal, a wedding and trash the dress session for the price of one (and a husband to boot)!

Hernalie Ruazol and Ram Campo from Manila were knee deep in love…and water at their wedding! While many couples would fret over a few wedding day droplets, these two clearly weren’t phased by the flood that filled the church in the midst of their wedding nuptials.

Before the wedding the bride, a local school teacher, took to Facebook to plead with the storm to not ruin her wedding day. “Dear Ulan,” Hernelie posted on Facebook. ”May I request you to please take a rest on Wednesday. Do not ruin the most important day of our lives!!!!” Maybe she should have tweeted @theweather #rainraingoaway.

Despite Hernelie’s wishes, the storm continued on through the entirety of the couple’s wedding, but somehow the couple stayed positive through it all. After the wedding the bride posted, “We only wished to have a simple wedding, but we had an extraordinary one!!!!”

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