Taiwan’s First Same-Sex Buddhist Wedding!

Image: Huffington Post Image: Huffington Post

Huang Mei-yu and Yu Ya-ting married in Taiwan’s first same-sex Buddhist wedding this past Saturday. The couple wore traditional white gowns and exchanged prayer beads, instead of rings at a Buddhist monastery in northern Taiwan.

According to the Taipei Times Buddhist Master Shiah Chao-hewi performed the ceremony and gave the women his blessing:

“I am certain you will lead a life of happiness together, especially after you have overcome so much difficulty and societal discrimination. You have blessings not only from the Buddha, but also from those whom you may or may not know who are in attendance.”

Even though the couple’s parents weren’t in attendance (because of the media exposure it would receive), Huang and Ya-ting said that they felt the presence of their parents.

The couple hopes that with the Buddhist master’s support, their wedding will change people’s perspective on same-sex marriage and hoping that Taiwan will be the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage.

Congratulations Huang Mei-yu and Yu Ya-ting!


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