Miley Cyrus’ Short Haircut: Would You Cut It All Off Before The Wedding?
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Add a headband to a cute pixie

A floral headband with a hint a netting could be just look Miley is going for with her new makeover -- a casual elegance.
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Rock a wrap around headband for a Bohemian vibe

Rather than a floral crown, choose a wrap around headband. It is stylish and ideal for a short cut, or faux bob.
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Flirty flowers

Incorporating some natural elements into your look make for a romantic statement and can really spice up a short style.
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Embrace your short locks with a pillbox hat, or birdcage

A pillbox hat can be vintage and vogue simultaneously. Add a hat to your look instead of a fancy up-do.

Miley decided to buzz the bun and has opted for a super chic (blonde) pixie after recently getting engaged. She tweeted pics paired with confident comments on Sunday evening about how she doesn’t care what people think. Short hairstyles make for beautiful bridal looks, but would you be so bold? 

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