Awkward Engagement Photos — What Not To Do

Here at The Knot, we’ve seen our fair share of beautiful engagement photos. Heck, if I ever get engaged (don’t jinx me!) I’ll wrestle my to-be-fiancé into getting them. But as it turns out, engagement photo sessions just aren’t for everyone. Here are some tips to avoid the photo faux pas these couples made.
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Go to the Bathroom Beforehand

Frankly, this seems like a given. No one wants documentation of when nature calls.
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Be On the Same Page

When it comes to something as simple as where to point, you should definitely know what your vision is. Going in different directions? Marriage might not be the next best I right?
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Avoid Anything Phallic

This too should be a no-brainer. Keep in mind, your parents and friends are probably going to be taking a peak at these shots on your wedding website, so you should probably keep it PG.
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Leave the Acrobatics at Home

I'll admit, I do love a good spidey-kiss, but the hanging part in this shot kind of creeps me out. Try this pose on the ground instead. I can almost promise it will be 100% prettier.
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And For God's Sake -- Keep Your Clothes On

Does this really need any explanation?

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