How Will Jennifer Aniston Wear Her Hair on Her Wedding Day?

We all know Jennifer Aniston is going to make a beautiful bride — and she has great hair!

We’ve got some ideas on what she may do for her wedding day now that she and Justin are engaged (congrats!) and some ideas for you.

Check out Beauty for more wedding day hairstyles for your big day. Let me know what kind of hairstyle you think Jennifer should do, or what you’re doing with your hair for your wedding by commenting below!

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Bohemian Braid

We love the look of an inconspicuous, Bohemian braid. This is ideal for a more casual, rustic wedding.
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A Romantic Updo

Jen's Hollywood status make us believe she will go for something more glamorous and romantic. A side-part undo would pair perfectly with a pretty veil or headpiece!
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Short & Straight

You may not have enough hair for that undo you would prefer, but a down hairstyle is just as beautiful. If you really want something different, check into hair extensions that look natural and can provide the look you desire.
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Soft Waves, Loose Curls

Why can't we all have hair this amazing? This is perfect for a destination wedding with a small flower or comb slightly pulled to the side, or a wavy pony.
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The Bridal Pony

A pretty pony would be elegant and sophisticated with a chapel veil and dazzling earrings. This has Hollywood movie-star written all over it.

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