The (Crazy!) Reason Some Brides Are Getting Boudoir Photos Taken…

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Boudoir photo shoots have been a growing trend for some time, but The Daily  recently published an article about Dallas-based wedding photographer Lynn Michelle (who specializes in these saucy shoots) offering an entirely new reason for boudoir photography:

Michelle claims that the reason boudoir photography has become so popular is because brides are “afraid their fiancés are looking at porn and they’d rather them be looking at her.”

Whoa, that seems a bit extreme. There are any number of reasons we think boudoir photography trend has taken off — but this wasn’t one of them!

What do you think?

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  • Anja Winikka
    08/14/12 at 12:29

    Boudoir photo sessions are supposed to be fun! Not inspired by fear of what one’s fiance would be looking at otherwise.

  • Samantha Roberts
    08/14/12 at 04:20

    I don’t know how I feel about these types of shoots. If a divorce happens what happens to these images?

  • Simone Hill
    08/14/12 at 04:34

    There should definitely be a clause in the pre-nup about who retains rights to the photos! #thinkingahead!

  • Kelly
    08/14/12 at 05:56

    I’m doing them. I’m only getting older and fatter lol Might as well give him something to remember me by. As far as a divorce, I wouldn’t marry a man who I thought would expose these one day.

  • Stephanie
    08/14/12 at 05:58

    I agree with you Kelly! Divorce should not be on your mind when you’re getting married anyway!

  • Stephanie
    08/14/12 at 05:56

    I don’t think this fear is the reason why everyone does them! I am doing it for my fiance simply because I know it’s something he’ll love. If you’re thinking of divorce before the wedding it’s probably not a good thing anyway.

  • 08/14/12 at 06:02

    True, if a divorce does happen, you accept the consequence of anything happening to your personal photos. At the same time, a lot of brides or brides to be could want to do a saucy shoot just for their groom/husband as a treat, etc. Instead of him looking at model’s saucy photos, he married you for a reason, he thinks you’re sexy and beautiful and would love to see you as the model over other girls he doesn’t know.

  • JKPhotos
    08/14/12 at 06:58

    I did them a year ago, actually did them while I was expecting because he was obsessed with the belly and it wasn’t like our son was not going to be a part of our family/marriage. Now that we are finally having a wedding (we eloped and planned to have a party later) I am thinking about doing some non-pregnant ones.

    I also shoot these as a regular part of wedding packages for brides when I am working. I have yet to hear of a woman having them done because she thinks her husband is looking at “other” photos. But I do have a clause in my contract that the photos cannot be placed online/printed/published without written consent from my studio or myself.

    Every bride should do what makes her comfortable, but my clients and I find them to be a fun and freeing experience. I let them choose the setting, outfit and style so it is very personal too!

    08/14/12 at 07:02

    Fear shouldn’t be an inspiration for what is meant to be a beautiful and personal gift for your husband. I’m getting mine taken next week! It’s a special gift between my fiance and I that I know he will cherish for years to come. I’m not only doing it for him, I’m doing it for myself! It’ a fun, confidence-boosting project! I’m totally embracing my feminine, sexy side! That’s how it’s meant to be with these photo shoots. Additionally, if a woman feels that she needs to go to this extreme to prevent her husband from looking at porn, it’s probably a sign that she doesn’t feel secure enough to talk to him about those feelings. Also, having boudoir pictures doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll stop looking at porn.

  • Steph
    08/15/12 at 05:25

    Oh come on ladies, who hasnt taken a dirty pic for their boyfriend before just for fun? But seriously because they are afraid of their fiance looking at porn? Thats just sad. Don’t fear porn, participate! Use it as a tool in your relationship to discover his fetishes, that’ll really shock him! As for these pics, theyre just for fun…something special for him because even if he is watching porn your still his leading lady!

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