A Sexy Slit and Six Flower Children? Our Brad and Angelina Wedding Predictions!

We may only have 48 hours to speculate on Angelina and Brad’s wedding style now that it’s out of the bag that they’re probably getting hitched this weekend. So here it goes…

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Brad and Angelina Will Include Their Six Children

First and foremost, Brad and Angelina will make this a family affair as both are dedicated to their six children. (We think they'd make for cute flower children!)
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They'll Have a Tented Wedding

An all-white tented reception would be perfect for Brad and Angelina. Their French Estate, Chateau Miraval has panoramic views of the vineyards and rolling hills of the South of France, so it would be crazy for them not to take advantage of it!
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They'll Have a Candlelit Reception

Brad and Angelina both have an understated sultry sexy vibe to them so we think they'll opt for lots of candles to light up their intimate reception. It'll give off a glow that will highlight they're excitement and love for each other.
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They'll Go for Simple Centerpieces

Angelina often chooses long, slender column gowns, so something like these extra-long white calla lilies would reflect that style. Our best guess on the color palette? Cream with pops of Angelina's signature red lipstick color.
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They'll Exchange Vows Outside

Brad and Angelina have spent years in the spotlight with paparazzi snapping pictures of them left and right. This is why they will likely choose a quiet outdoor ceremony. Besides, they have an entire vineyard to choose the perfect spot. One thing is for sure: Brad and Angelina's south of France wedding is sure to inspire us!

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