5 Siblings Marrying Today in Mega Wedding!

Mega Wedding Mesa Arizona 5 Siblings Photo: EastTribune.com

Put it on the books, TLC. The Waldie family plans to marry off five of their eight children today in Mesa, Arizona in what reporters are calling a “Mega Wedding.”

According to the East Valley Tribune:

“The Waldie siblings — Emily, 28; Bradford, 26; Sydney, 25; Walker, 24; and Brooke, 20 — were all engaged within a few months of each other. And with trying to plan wedding dates with out-of-state family and guests, dad Doug suggested they all marry on the same date.”

There will be five separate ceremonies at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Mesa Temple, followed by one gigantic reception at the Falcon Field Airforce Museum.

“A family that close didn’t want to leave anyone out of such an important event as a sibling’s wedding. But with one son — and groom — required to report to Air Force pilot training at the end of August, just weeks after returning from two years of graduate school in England, there were very few dates available to schedule five separate weddings.”

“So while there was some resistance at first, the family admits, the desire to include everyone with everything led to this day.”

Right. Got it. Makes perfect sense.

So what’s it like to be one of the three siblings not getting married?

“It’s a mad rush,” Andee Waldie, 18, told the East Valley Tribune.

“She and already-married sister Samantha Hildreth, 23, a bridesmaid for three of the couples, will don mulitcolored skirts for the reception to blend in wherever they’re standing.”

Sounds like the two have it handled in the bridesmaid department. Although we do have one suggestion for Andee: Dodge the bouquet.


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