A $400,000 Wedding Gift for Angelina Jolie (What?!)


Update: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Married, France!

Rumors are buzzing and sources are claiming that Brad Pitt recently purchased a wedding gift for Angelina. It just so happens to be one of the world’s most expensive watches and the “piece of art” set him back nearly 400k!

Constructed by hand, the Patek Philippe Minute Repeater typically demands a two year waiting period (for the average person, of course). The gold watch has a mother of pearl dial and requires two months to make as each of the family owners, the Sterns, must inspect every piece.

The Stern family supposedly showed some of their amazing watches at a watch fair in Switzerland where Brad decided to buy one. How could he resist?

The couple got engaged in April of this year and are said to be getting married at their French chateau with their six children. If this is the pre-wedding gift, we can’t wait to get all the luxurious wedding details (could it be this weekend??!)! Check out what the Wedding Chanel is saying on CelebrityWeddingBuzz about Brad and Ange’s wedding plans!

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