Flower Girl Gets Comfortable and Takes A Nap During the Ceremony

Claire Miller was serving as a flower girl when she got tuckered out mid-ceremony, and laid down for a nap just as the priest was about to present the bride and groom. Let’s just hope she’s not a snorer. Usually, guests start to get drowsy AFTER a few hours of the open bar at the reception! Luckily, this sleeping beauty’s parents were nearby to to scoop her up, and hopefully she was able to resume her nap in peace. It looks like the bride and groom were unaware that this nap was going on during the ceremony, but now that the video has gone viral it’s likely that the cat is out of the bag that their flower girl was laying down on the job!

This flower girl’s antics demonstrate that you can’t plan for everything at your wedding. While the adrenaline might be pumping for the bride and groom, it’s important to remember that the rest of the wedding party, especially the littlest members, might not have the same stamina.

Here are a few tips for preparing children to be in your wedding:

Take a load off their feet. Flower girls and ring bearers are sometimes as young as three- or four-years-old and so are likely to fidget during the ceremony. Instead of keeping your flower girls and ring bearers in the limelight throughout the ceremony, consider providing a seating option for them off to the side with a quiet activity to keep their hands and minds busy.

Choose comfortable outfits. While your adult attendants might be able to stick it out for a half hour in heels that pinch, kids have a lower tolerance and less restraint. Choose breathable fabrics and make sure shoes and sashes fit and are comfortable for an extended period of time. Don’t underestimate the importance of breaking in shoes either.

Make sure they nap beforehand. While this might not always be feasible depending on the age and sleep schedule of the child, it’s important to take them to a quiet area to lay down for at least a few minutes away from all of the excitement. It’s easy to overlook this small detail especially if the child’s parents are involved in the wedding. This will be especially helpful if you are planning on having an evening wedding because kids will fade fast!