The Rock The Frock Phenomenon

Trish Lily Photography

Trashing the dress has become an increasingly popular sport in wedding photography. It’s also become a topic of major debate. To some, it’s wasteful and symbolic of marriage, but to others, “trashing the dress” is expressive and liberating.

We’ve collected some of our favorite trashing campaigns and have to admit it looks fun. From food fights to paint and mud, these brides have decided to rock their frocks! Would you?

Trish Lily Photography
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The Dessert Lovers

Photo: Bartosz Jastal
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The Children At Heart

Photo: Studio 1250
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The Mud Racer

Photo: AltF Photographer, John Michael Cooper
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The Happy Dirt Couple

Photo: Tara Swain Photography
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The Finger Painters

Photo: Del Sol Photography
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The Wild & Free

Photo: Marcin Labedzki
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The Graffiti Artists

Photo: Cancun Studios
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The Under The Sea Swimmers

Photo: Krystal Healy Photography
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The Ice Cream Sunday Pair

Photo: Mark Eric
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The Green lagoon

Photo: Rebekah Hoyt Photography
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The Glitter Queen

Photo: AltF, John Michael Cooper
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The Blaze

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