5 Lucky Wedding Ideas for Friday the 13th

Instead of worrying about the potential misfortunes of a Friday the 13th wedding, we’d rather inspire you with a little luck — Put your superstitions at ease and consider working these lucky charms into your nuptials.

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Horseshoe Favors

Spread the luck with authentic horseshoe favors -- after they're done charming your wedding, guests can hang them from their doorways at home as a way to attract good promise and ward off evil spirits (and so can you!).
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Lavender Sprig Place Setting

Not only is lavender thought to bring good luck to marriages, but it's also a symbol of undying love and devotion. When it comes to incorporating this fragrant bloom into your wedding, the possibilities are endless. Add a sprig to each guest's place setting, work it into your bouquet or serve up lavender-infused mojitos as the signature cocktail of the night.
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Four-Leaf Clover Bouquet Charm

With leaves that symbolize faith, hope, love and luck, you really only need one four-leaf clover to cement your wedding day luck. Have a charm sewn into your gown or tied to your bouquet for a sweet sentimental touch.
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Paper Crane Escort Cards

With so many color and paper options, you'll be able to work paper cranes into any theme or backdrop. Incorporate these whimsical tokens of luck into your centerpieces, hang them from trees in an outdoor ceremony or use them as escort cards at the reception. And if you're up for the task, consider folding 1,000 to secure longevity and happiness in your marriage.
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Bamboo Favors

With fast growth and resilience, these long-lasting stems symbolize luck and prosperity. Pass the good fortune and send each guest off with a single bamboo stalk.
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