Scan It Saturdays: 5 Cleaning Gadgets

Always looking for a quick fix to cleaning up? These gadgets have got you covered, indoors and out.

steam mop
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Steam Mop

This high-powered mop-vacuum cross cleans and sanitizes up to 99.9% of household germs, bacteria and dust on your floors in just one second. Say goodbye to your mop, bucket and harsh cleaning products forever!
oreck, power sweeper, outdoor sweeper
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Outdoor Power Sweeper

This tool keeps your driveway, sidewalk and deck or patio clean and free of debris -- consider it an outdoor vacuum.
window washer
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Window Washer

This microfiber window washer will clean all the hard to reach places that you miss. It’s efficient -- dispensing just the right amount of water as you clean, leaving your windows streak-free.
spotbot, pet cleaner
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Robo Cleaner

This hands-free deep cleaner is specifically designed for homes with pets -- it does all the scrubbing for you.
diver dave, pool cleaner
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Pool Cleaner

If you have a pool, this attractive little fellow (aka Diver Dave) is here to clean it for you. This cleaner is designed to clean the bottom of all sizes of pools.