PETA Gifts Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas a…Bull?

Baldwin and Thomas:; bull: Baldwin and Thomas:; bull:

Talk about going off the registry! PETA has given Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas none other than a bull to commemorate their wedding, according to a press release on the animal advocacy organization’s website. But don’t worry — the bull, which is now named Baldwin Thomas, isn’t roaming around in the couple’s newlywed nest. He’s living out the rest of his days at an animal sanctuary in India, recently retired from a tough life of pulling carts in India.

Why a bull? No official word from PETA on that (maybe it’s because of Baldwin’s bull-like personality), other than saying “what can you buy the bride and groom who have everything?” Alec is a known supporter of PETA, so hopefully he appreciates the gesture.

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