BBQ Rehearsal Dinner Inspiration

Cookouts are the best part of summer (especially on the 4th!). So why not bring that laid-back vibe, great food and good company to your rehearsal dinner? Here’s how to do it.

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The Decor

You don't have to go super casual for a bbq rehearsal dinner. Set your tables with white and pastel checkered linens to dress up the vibe. Add some fresh flowers and candles in mason jars for a homey touch.
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The Signature Cocktail

This specialty summer cocktail is chock-full of strawberries, lemonade and a hint of vodka. It's just the right mix of sweet and sour and will leave your guests feeling refreshed.
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The Entertainment

No cookout is complete without lawn games. Provide activities like bocce ball, croquet, bean toss and horseshoe. As a keepsake, let each winner of a round of horseshoes keep their horseshoe.