Bride Sings Herself Down the Aisle!

I’m all for personalizing your wedding ceremony but I’m not sure I can get on board with actually singing myself down the ceremony aisle (though I do love a good karaoke night). But bride, Marie Carr, does just that and performs Christina Aguilera’s “The Right Man” for a small audience at her wedding.

I can’t help but feel a little bad for the groom who I can only assume was told to meet his bride half-way through the song to accompany her as she continued — not only does he not know what to do with his hands (what does one do in that instance?), but he also can’t help but stifle a few chuckles.

What do you think — would you sing yourself down the aisle? Aside from the fact that my parents couldn’t escort me, I’d be bummed I couldn’t hold a bouquet. 

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  • 06/26/12 at 08:47

    First I just want to say this girls got guts. That being said this is the most awkward thing I have seen in a long time. I’m sorry but I hope this doesn’t become a trend. Save the song for rehearsal dinner or reception.

  • 06/26/12 at 11:48

    She has a nice voice….but there is a time and a place….this was not it.

  • awesome
    06/26/12 at 11:55

    A coworker of mine sang herself down the aisle, but with some old love song that just kind of blended in with the whole setting, and you almost forgot she was singing herself down the aisle. While not a fan of singing yourself down the aisle, in either case, I’ll admit it does take some iron-chonies to do it. But it’s a no for me.

    PS, my coworker walked/sang down the aisle with a bouquet, and her parents flanked on each side. Definitely a lot of juggling, and I don’t recommend it.

  • Tricia
    06/27/12 at 03:35

    Very inappropiate in my eyes. This was not the time our place for the hand gestures, hand movements, grabbing stomach moves like some superstar kareoke performer. I feel embarassed for her.

  • Cait
    06/27/12 at 04:07

    Yeah…no. Extremely tacky, IMO. And, her voice is nothing special.

    06/27/12 at 08:03

    WOW this is SOOOO corny! And not in a good, romantic way. She could have sung this to him at the reception. Eek. I would have cringed the entire time had I been a guest.

  • KN
    06/29/12 at 09:33

    HAHA I agree with missalkm. I would have cringed the whole time as a natural reaction to watching this. I would have been embarrassed because the videographer possibly could catch my cringe and ugly facial reaction to watching this if I was actually there. And then it would have been seen by the bride and groom when they watch the video again on their firs year anniversary. LOL hahaha :) Anyway, yea, I don’t think her voice is good, actually. There were a lot of flat notes, and this was extremely … um…. awkward and tacky? And did anyone notice the groom’s awkward right hand?! What’s up with that. No offense.. but this was just.. ah, made me cringe and held on the edge of my seat the whole time. Overall, to each’s their own. This action was obviously very special to her and him, and she was extremely brave, so that’s great for them. However I would not do this… :) and I’m actually a singer. I get paid to sing. And I wouldn’t do it.

  • Jana Linn
    07/02/12 at 08:08

    WOW. It hurt watching that. As a guest, I can’t imagine sitting through the agony. Also no one knew what to do. Traditionally, the guests stand when the bride starts walking down the aisle. I feel embarrassed for her. That was SO bad. Also stopping halfway down the aisle for several minutes was awkward. The groom not knowing what to do was awkward. The guests looked REALLY awkward. The whole thing was just SO SO BAD. Don’t do it. It’s just terrible.

  • KG
    07/06/12 at 02:43

    That was a terrible idea. Her finger alrady had the ring on it too. How could you not have a bouquet? I felt bad for the groom.

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