Jessa Pulls A Zuckerberg: Surprise Wedding On Girls Finale!

HBO Girls

The “mystery party” on Sunday night’s season finale of HBO’s Girls transformed quickly into Jessa’s impromptu wedding to middle-aged business man, Thomas John. The free (or, lost) spirit sent a text message invite ordering the gang to attend the party of the year.

As friends arrived… Surprise! The ceremony unfolded and John began to recite his vows. He spoke of the night he met Jessa (just two weeks ago!), when he begged her and Marnie for a threesome. Romance was in the air.

Complete with the awkwardness and dysfunction we LOVE, the party was memorable and fantastic. Jessa’s “bohemian” wedding day style complimented the Brooklyn atmosphere, music, and desserts – macaroons and cupcakes were among the many.

We cannot wait to see what Season 2 brings to Hannah, Shoshanna, Marnie, & Jessa.

But, these girls are not the only one’s planning surprise weddings these days. Don’t forget about Mark Zuckerberg’s surprise nuptials to long-time girlfriend, Priscilla Chan!

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