The Ultimate Hipster Bridal Garters

For those who will be dancing to their favorite 8tracks mix at the reception or walking down the isle in their vintage lace-up flats, these creative bridal garters are for all the hipster brides, and brides-to-be out there. We love a personalized wedding and think these are super creative!

In honor of the HBO season finale of Girls, check out these indie garter bridal accessories. I bet Jessa had a similar one on underneath her 70s-inspired gown!
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The Deer Head

The deer head: No hipster wedding is complete without it.
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The Mustache

Let's not forget about the mustache. Whether used for funny photos, or strapped to your garter, this puts the MUST is mustache.
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The Hummingbird

For the more down-to-earth hipster, a feathery, fringed hummingbird garter is the way to go.
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The Antique Leaves

The antique leaves offer dainty touch to any hipster wedding!

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