Joe Biden’s Daughter is Getting Married This Weekend

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A quick note to all the politicians, pundits and Capitol Hill reporters out there: Weddings trump elections. Case in point: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney revealed yesterday that the reason Joe Biden has been taking a brief break from the stump is because he’s preparing for his daughter’s wedding this weekend — not because he’s getting a time-out from President Obama for negative poll results and media gaffes, as some political commentators had suggested.

But in light of the happy news, William Kristol of the Weekly Standard, has lain off Biden. “We’ll try not to dog him about his problematic place on the ticket until next week, after the happy event,” he writes. So there you have it: Even in the midst of some pretty intense campaigning, the world will stop for a wedding.

Ashley Biden, a social worker, and Howard Krein, a Philadelphia ear, nose and throat doctor, are getting hitched in Wilmington, Delaware, reports USA Today. But other than the fact that the reception will take place at Biden’s home, Carney didn’t have any wedding details to dish. And he anticipated the big question on our mind: “I have no details on the dress,” he said. Stay tuned for more!

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