Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s Wedding Dog

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We know all about Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s surprise wedding and all the details on Chan’s Claire Pettibone wedding dress, but here’s the latest scoop: Chan walked down the aisle with the couple’s dog, Beast! The Daily Mail reports that the fluffy Hungarian sheepdog was just one of many personal details the couple worked into their day — they also served food from their favorite restaurants and a dessert they shared on their first date.

Are you including your pup in your wedding day? From floral wreaths to custom-fitted tuxes, get inspired by these stylish real wedding dogs.

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Wedding Dog Tuxedo

Caitlin and Chris's dog, Lincoln, came to the reception in a custom-made tux to match Chris and the groomsmen.
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Wedding Dog Wreaths

Lindsay and Michael’s dogs wore wreaths accented with ribbon around their necks.
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Wedding Dog Collar

Jenni and Huan’s nieces, who walked as flower girls and junior bridesmaids, led the couple’s “flower dog” down the aisle in a green button mum collar.
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Wedding Dog Formalwear

Callie and Kris had the flower girl and ring bearer walked their two dogs down the aisle. The pups got dressed up too—one in a pearl “necklace” and the other in a coral tie to match the groomsmen.
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Wedding Dog Jewelry

Jennifer and Sean's Boston terrier matched the bridesmaids in a pink necklace.
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Wedding Dog Bandanna

Nina and Anson’s family dog, Heidi, wore a yellow bandana that matched the wedding colors.
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DIY Floral Dog Collar

Although the dog didn't take part in the ceremony, Katie and Dayo dressed Chloe, her Pomeranian Chihuahua, with a collar for their special day. Katie’s mom made it by hand with green satin ribbon and white orchids.
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Doggie Ring Bearers

Stephanie and Scott's dog, Rownik, and the best man’s dog, Lionel, served as ring bearers wearing pillows made of green flowers.

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