3 Themes That Shouldn’t Inspire Your Wedding!

Sure, pop culture influences the masses — but a Hunger Games-themed wedding? That’s where we draw the line. Here’s what would happen if our favorite movies and TV series inspired a wedding.

Cake: Sweet Element
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Hunger Games Wedding Cake

Channel the Hunger Games with a “May the odds be ever in your favor” calligraphy cake, crafted with sugar-made flames and a gold mockingjay.
Cake: Sweet Element
Jewelry: Spiffing Jewelry
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Hunger Games Cake Topper

A thin necklace, inscribed with “real, not real,” tops off the Hunger Games wedding cake.
Invite: Katie Fischer Design
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Hunger Games Wedding Invitation

Set the tone for the wedding day with a rustic brown-and-gray invitation suite, featuring Hunger Games arrows.
Flowers: Gabrielle Aronas
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Hunger Games Bridal Bouquet

Of course the ultimate accessory for the bride is her bouquet. This dark-purple and green calla lily and succulent bouquet is perfect for a Hunger Games forest wedding.
Jewelry: Spiffing Jewelry
Flowers: Gabrielle Aronas
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Hunger Games Necklace

Cake: Sweet Element
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Game of Thrones Wedding Cake

A silver sword-bedecked wedding cake is a nice finishing touch for a Game of Thrones wedding reception.
Cake: Sweet Element
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Game of Thrones Wedding Cake

Invitation & Calligraphy: Monks of Age
Costumes: Mortal Folly Theatre Company
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Game of Thrones Wedding Invitation

A Game of Thrones wedding wouldn’t be complete without an old English calligraphy invitation.
Flowers: Gabrielle Aronas
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Game of Thrones Centerpiece

Thorny red rose centerpieces make for fitting Game of Thrones floral arrangements.
Makeup: MichelleFX
Bouquet: Sarah Tallman Design
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True Blood Rose Bouquet

A white rose bridesmaid bouquet (dipped in fake blood droplets) has just the right amount of drama for a True Blood-inspired wedding.
Invite: Katie Fischer Design
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True Blood Wedding Invitation

A black-and-white patterned invite with blood-red type is the obvious choice for a True Blood wedding invitation.
Invite: Katie Fischer Design
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True Blood RSVP Card

Photos: Casey Fatchett Photography


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