Prettiest Thing in Our Office This Week: Electric Neon Macarons


Gorgeous fashion accessories, flower arrangements, wedding cakes and stationery cross our desks every day here in our New York City office. In our new regular blog feature, “Prettiest Thing in Our Office This Week,” we’ll take you behind the scenes and show you our favorite item each Friday.

We’ve already admitted that we’re shamelessly hooked on neon, so it’s no surprise that these fluorescent-hued macarons caused quite the buzz when they arrived at our office this week. Kicking its delicate French-pastel counterpart to the curb, each bite-sized meringue cookie (inspired by the rising neon fashion trend and Judith Leiber’s iconic studded clutches) packs a bold punch with super-hot color and a spiky shell texture — the perfect pop of color for a summer soirée.

Find these pretties at one of The Glazier Group‘s properties at Westminster Hotel, Bridgewaters or Twenty Four Fifth.