Happy Cinco de Mayo! 5 Tequila-Based Signature Cocktails

Whatever your definition of the perfect signature cocktail is (an exact wedding color match, a certain degree of deliciousness or the ability to turn a good party into a great fiesta), there’s a tequila-based drink out there that will fit the bill — and help honor this most excellent of holidays.

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Classic Margaritas

Tip your hat to this festive holiday with its quintessential drink: A salt-rimmed margarita on the rocks.
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Grapefruit Margaritas

Grapefruit juice is a natural pairing with tequila, so it's the perfect "special" ingredient to make this cocktail your own.
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Tequila Sunrises

One of the prettiest cocktails out there, this tasty orange juice, grenadine and tequila concoction is also one of the sweetest.
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Las Palomas

A casual cocktail hour calls for a laid back drink like a La Paloma -- tequila, lime juice, grapefruit soda and salt.
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Platino Frescos

Thirsty for something a bit more exotic? Try a refreshing Platino Fresco -- tequila, elderberry liquer, mint, cucumber and grapefruit juice.

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