4 Reasons Seeing The Five Year Engagement Might Actually Improve Your Engagement

Five Year Engagement

Full disclosure: I got the chance to catch The Five Year Engagement early a few weeks ago (the movie hits theaters this Friday) and was lucky enough to chat with stars Emily Blunt, who plays the movie’s bride-to-be, and Alison Brie, who plays her sister, as well as costume designer Leesa Evans. But even if I hadn’t gotten all that behind-the-scenes access, I’d still tell you to go see this hilarious movie, and here’s why.

You’ll recognize yourself
At its heart, The Five Year Engagement isn’t just about planning a wedding (although there are some fun venue and florist meeting scenes!). The film focuses more on how relationships — between the bride and groom, between the couple and their families, and between the couple and their careers — can change when two people get engaged.  “Things can ratchet up for sure [after a proposal],” Blunt says. “As soon as [main characters Tom and Violet] get engaged, things start to get more and more difficult, tense and strained…partly because of the pressure of planning and trying to make everything perfect,” Blunt says. Sound familiar at all?

You’ll learn what not to do
The movie is full of funny wedding-related flubs (five years’ worth of them!), and there’s a lot to learn from them — while you’re not laughing. Blunt’s best advice? “Don’t have too many cooks in the kitchen,” she says. “It has to be your wedding. It has to be whatever you want. A lot of times, people get married for other people — for your parents, for your friends, and everyone wants the the dress and the ring and the whole thing. But I really think that if you want to get married in your backyard, then you should.”

You’ll get some awesome fashion inspiration
With a Chloe engagement party dress, a Valentino wedding dress and bridesmaid dress, and lots of cute vintage- and thrift store-inspired looks in between, Emily Blunt’s character Violet sports plenty of outfits you’ll want to copy. “The engagement party dress was cream, so it said a little bit ‘bride’ — but a little bit ‘quirky bride,'” says costume designer Leesa Evans.

You’ll get a much-deserved break
If you needed an excuse to take a night off planning and schedule a date night or outing with your bridesmaids, this is it. I was laughing all the way through the movie, and if you loved Bridesmaids or Forgetting Sarah Marshall, you probably will too. “The sound guy holding the microphone was laughing so hard during a scene that he farted twice,” Blunt says. “So we decided that this was the barometer of whether something was funny or not — if we got farts out of the crew.” Check out the trailer, and Tom and Violet’s wedding blog, on the movie’s official website.

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