Just For Fun: Awkward Wedding Photos

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Shadow of Desire

Yikes. If it scares me, how will your grandchildren react?
engagement photos
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Creepy Engagement Photo

Ah yes, the ever-popular creepy stalker shot. Pretty much a staple in engagement photos nowadays...
bouquet wedding photo
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Flower Power

I never understood pictures like this one. Why would a photographer think surrounding a bride's face with bouquets is a good idea? Anyone...anyone?
awkward wedding photo
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Scared Bride

Any photo that involves a terrified bride being superimposed onto a dark profile is probably a bad idea.
awkward wedding photos
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Bring it On

Yes, this couple is wearing matching cheerleading uniforms with 'Bride' and 'Groom' on them. I can only hope that they got married like this -- complete with he midriff showing and a tiara to finish the look.

If you’ve never heard or seen any of the hilarity that is Awkward Family Photos…well, you should. While perusing some of their funniest selects, it got me thinking — is there a wedding version of this? Because there should be. Turns out, there is.

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