Bouquet of the Moment: Fresh Green Blooms

Green Bridal Bouquet
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Sweet Pea and Ranunculus

The ferns and hosta leaves surrounding the base of this bouquet give it the perfect amount of green to balance out the white flowers.
Green Bridal Bouquet
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Roses, Cockscomb and Hypericum Berries

This bouquet, created for one of our fashion photo shoots by Mixed Greens Events, has mint leaves in it!
Green Bridal Bouquet
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Succulents are still hugely popular, but would you carry a bouquet that was made of just these desert-loving plants? (See the full wedding where this bouquet came from.)
Green and Purple Bridal Bouquet
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Dahlias and Vines

Greenery looks awesome with rustic varieties like these dahlias, calla lilies, scabiosa flowers and raspberries on the vine. (There are more flowers where this came from in the full gallery of this wedding.)
Green Bridal Bouquet
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Eucalyptus Greens and Fiddlehead Ferns

Loose and romantic bouquets look especially great with lots of foliage. In this bouquet, eucalyptus is paired with hydrangeas, ranunculus and fiddlehead ferns. (See the rest of this wedding.)

While working on a couple of wedding flower stories for our magazines, one trend kept coming up as I was interviewing florists: The biggest bouquet color right now is definitely green. Check out these five gorgeous emerald-colored bouquets to see what green blooms are out there and which flowers they look best with.

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